Circuit Express Information

Circuit Express is a subscription service that provides online access to participating Circuit Courts in West Virginia. This service provides a variety of subscriber's online access to WV Court Records. Typical subscribers are law firms, state agencies, judicial entities, background checking firms circuit judges, family judges, county probation offices and prosecuting attorney offices.

The docket entries with the scanned images are updated nightly from each Circuit Court and is available 24/7. Please note that not all Kanawha County judges allow documents for their cases to be viewed.

What our customers say about the service:

  • "I have the ability to track docket filings from my own desk."
  • "It saves both our firm and client time and money."
  • "No waiting on the phone or finding a parking spot to get answers."
  • "We really relish the ability to print the docket sheet to our own computer. This is especially helpful when removing a case from circuit to district court because you are required to have the entire county docket sheet."
  • "It is a great time saver."
  • "When the courts are closed you can still get your answers."


Monthly bills are detailed by client, matter, and the initials of the firm's researcher so that the connect fees can be billed back to your client. Subscribers can locate cases by last name, first name, middle initial, or partial name. All of the computerized case information for a particular court is available for viewing and printing to your local printer. Note that ONLY "public information" can be accessed i.e. Civil and Criminal Matters. Sensitive Court cases such as Juvenile, Mental Hygiene, Divorces and some others are not available.

Circuit Express Frequently Asked Questions

Note, if you decide to deactivate your account after 6 months, you can notify us which will stop your monthly $76 fee from being billed. If you decide to reactivate your account, you will not be charged the $125 sign up fee again.

Note: Circuit Express is available twenty four (24) hours seven (7) days a week. Call in Charleston 343-6480 or toll free 1-800-205-4848 for more information.

If you would like to sign up for Circuit Express and DO NOT wish to pay online, please download then complete and fax the form to 888-600-7708.

Please remember to include any tax exempt forms you may have along with this form and mail it to the following address.

Software Computer Group
PO Box 27
Fraziers Bottom WV 25082

Information available on Circuit Express

1987 to present

WV Civil Court Records including:

  • C - General Civil Court Records
  • MISC - Miscellaneous Proceedings Court Records
  • C-AP - Civil Appeal from Magistrate Court Court Records
  • AA - Administrative Appeal Court Records

WV Criminal Court Records including:

  • F - Felony Court Records
  • M - Misdemeanor Court Records
  • B - Bound Over Court Records
  • M-AP - Misdemeanor Appeal Court Records
  • CRM - Criminal Miscellaneous Court Records

Indexing by plaintiff and defendant

Information not available pursuant to statute:

  • MH - Mental Hygiene Court Records
  • JD - Juvenile Delinquency Court Records
  • JS - Juvenile Status Offense Court Records
  • JA - Abuse and Neglect Court Records
  • A - Adoptions Court Records
  • D - Domestic Relations Court Records
  • DV - Domestic Violence Court Records
  • G - Guardianship Court Records
  • CIG - Civil Infant Guardianship Court Records
  • FIG - Family Infant Guardianship Court Records
  • CIGR - Civil Infant Guardianship Removal Court Records
  • JAA - Juvenile Abuse and Neglect Administrative Appeal Court Records
  • JAM - Juvenile Abuse and Neglect Mandamus Proceeding Court Records
  • TAD - Adult Treatment Court Court Records

Sealed Court Records

No social security numbers, dates of birth, plaintiff and defendant addresses or names of victim/child on criminal screen appear.

Minimum subscription is six (6) months.

Year computerized Records began

Barbour - 2000
Preston - 1997
Kanawha - 1994
Taylor - 1995
Mashall -
Wetzel - 2010

West Virginia Circuit Express

These materials have been prepared by the Office of the Clerk of the various Circuit Courts from original sources and data believed to be reliable. The information contained herein, however, has not been independently verified by the Office of the Clerk or Software Computer Group, Incorporated. The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Courts and Software Computer Group, Inc. assume no liability for the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information contained herein.

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